Stephen Fry – stuck in a lift

You can’t help but laugh (22:55 Feb 3rd – Central London)



Paolo Conte – Via Con Me

And again I listen, and again, and again.

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Night vision

I can’t tell the difference between emphatically reasoned thought, and though that demonstrates reason emphatically. Yet as I lie here awake, consumed by a common flu, I reason with emphasis that the only entity served by my being ill is the producer of the painkiller that I’ve been munching all day like a little boy eating his first tube of smarties. For me, logical thought, despite being doped up on paracetemol, prevails. In my virus induced confusion I see that my suffering is not necessary, and there is an ability out there to remedy it immediately. Yet me, and all of the other flu suffering paracetemol purchasing people are putting food on the table of those (forgetting the big dogs) who rely on their jobs that are indicative to bringing such medicinal products to the shelves. In this I realise a certain calm. The virus won’t kill me. The product encourages recovery. The man packaging it feeds his family. All is well. Or perhaps the pills are inspiring this drivel.



Photographed for The Common Corner

Bettie Page Dead

Bettie Page has passed away following a heart attack that left her on life support for several days.  Bettie had reached a precious 85.  Recently portrayed by Gretchen Mol on the silver screen, Page was a pioneer in the ‘sexual revolution’ of the 1960’s, and considered by most to be one of the most iconic pinups of the 20th Century.  She was once quoted as saying she felt no shame for her modelling career, despite later seeking a life dedicated to God.  Contoversy and sensationalism aside, one notion remains clear, the pages of history will forever hold an entry for ‘The Notorious Bettie Page’.


VAT cut on the horizon? (UK)

In an attempt to breathe life back into the UK economy, there is growing speculation that Alistair Darling, chancellor of the exchequer, may announce tomorrow a cut in VAT.  Sky News reports that The Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Mirror are claiming there may be a 2.5% decrease, bringing the rate to 15%.  This measure is expected to be announced in Darling’s pre-budget report. 

If the suggested measure goes ahead, the average UK household should benefit from lower prices on some day to day items, relieving pressures on the pocket, and allowing for more spending accross the board, thus infiltrating the UK economy with more money.  However, there are sure to be some analysts that will deem this move another in a series aimed at garnering positive media attention for the government without having a significant impact on what is now laregely considered to be a full scale recession.  Ultimately, they need to at least look like they know what they’re doing.  Don’t they?


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