The Mojito – etc etc etc

Having finished an international phonecall moments ago where we managed to speak about cocktails and liquers for half an hour, I am inspired to write and share for those who don’t know, about a cocktail that rises above all other cocktails in its compisition, simplicity, and most importantly, taste.  The Mojito.  It’s origins can be found in Cuba, and linguistically ‘mojito’ is derived from ‘mojo’, which further derives from the Spanish ‘mojar’ in its infinitive form.  The components of a Mojito reside in basic categories.  Rum (preferably Havana Club 3 y/o), lime, soda water, mint and sugar.  Havana Club 7 can also be used to make a dark rum alternative.  The essence of this cocktail is in its refreshing and sweet qualities which mask, but do not discount the intensity of the rum.  Served in a tall glass (collins),  the Mojito is traditionally served with ice cubes however in the UK and the US bartenders will often prepare a slight variation with crushed ice.


The blend of ingredients provides for a wonderful cigar pairing in the form of a Montecristo #2, or for the smoker requiring less of a punch, the San Cristobal El Principe. Both of the latter can be purchased from the following online UK retailer by clicking here.



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