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2008 – etc

Best wishes for 2 zero zero 8.  Let it bring good health and elaborate wealth.

December 31st I went for dinner at the house of a good friend.  At 1:00 am his girlfriend went to bed and the other guests went to a night club.  We opened a bottle of rum and talked deeply about life and business for a couple of hours.  Then i got on the London underground to return home.  Free. Great, cheers Ken.  On the train i saw a group of increasingly familiar Asian teenagers immitating African American hip hop culture in their attire and demeanor.  Stop it.  Arrived home, spoke with the security guard.  Ventured to my appartment, cigarette.  Whisky, cigarette, and several more followed.  Looking at the sky, the same thought occurred to me as on Christmas day, which i have observed since i was a child; on these seasonal days, the sky always looks different.  Sentimental confusion or optical illusion perhaps.  Either way, it reminded me of home.