Barclaycard Director quits – JOKING IS NOT PERMITTED

Mark Howells formerly of Barclaycard has been disgraced for making a joke seen as offensive by Muslims.  Howells was participating in a meeting about the credit card company’s quarterly figures when he remarked: “The results were like Muslims, some were good, some were Shi’ite”.  His remark was reported to the highest level and subsequently he left the company before disciplinary action was in motion.

Really, what is the world coming to?  We are rapidly becoming a society of thin skinned namby pamby idiots.  Time and time again the media is reporting incidents of alleged racial intolerance and the actions taken against it.  Quite frankly these occurences are being blown drastically out of proportion and it is more than evident that companies and organisations alike use cases like this to make an example and display their image of being tolerant and accepting of all people.  The discourse in question, though deemed discriminatory, upon interpretation is more an issue of semantics than targeting members of the Muslim faith.  Despite Howells’ distasteful remark, it does not warrant a resignation or media coverage in any capacity.  It is another milestone in the death of a society once founded on the principles of freedom in all contexts.


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