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iPod Touch firmware 1.1.3 & January Software

Within the last few days, Apple released the latest firmware for the iPod touch, version 1.1.3.  At approximately 160MB, the highly anticipated update has been well received.  However, along with the latter update, and a synchronised iTunes update comes the “January Software Upgrade”.  This upgrade, £12.99 in the UK and $20.00 in the USA, offers 5 new applications which have previously been available for free on the iPhone and will ship as standard on all iPod touch devices produced furthermore.  Thus, those who have previously invested their hard earned dollars and pounds are being ripped off and left out in the consumer cold.  However, this is not unusual for Apple, with the recent pricing controversy over the iPhone.  The ‘software upgrade’ itself is a nice addition to the touch, adding considerable functionality and the ability to have an additional home screen is another plus point.  Nevertheless, £12.99 for this is ‘upgrade’ is outrageous and can not be justified.