Send In The Clowns

My father is afraid of clowns.  He is, technically speaking, a ‘Coulrophobe’.  The fear of clowns is common in society, largely owing to bscad experiences with them as children and a fear for the general imagery surrounding them.  However, unlike my father, my image of the clown differs dramatically.  In personifying this character, I find characeristic attributes that I can clearly see in myself.  What these are I will leave to imagination.  Be that as it may, It is clear that the clown denotes one emotion externally while harbouring another internally.  This concept is exemplified in fictional characters like the Phantom Of The Opera and V (of V for Vendetta).  Considering the concept of a clown reveals the ability to express oneself in a way that does not reflect one’s actual state of mind.  I think that is something that we are all guilty of in varying degrees at times.  Yet on the whole we reject the imagery of the clown and see it as evil and menacing, sad and inhumane, when really there is a clown in all of us. Isn’t there?

Above: Frank Sinatra – Send In The Clowns [Live]


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