First on the list of ramblings.  People need to stop telling me that library visitations are superlative to the purchasing of reading material.  I like buying books.  I like reading them.  I like watching them gather dust and then lending them in an inhebriated act of genourosity.  If you think this is aimed at you, it isn’t. 


Ramble # 2.  The new version of the Nokia 8 series has been released.  The Nokia 8800 Arte.  I want it, and like it.  I’ll probably get it in May.  It isn’t high in functionality. It doesn’t take great pictures.  It lacks a lot of what most phone users are looking for, but it looks fucking great.

Next up; Lost season 4.   I saw the first episode this evening.  Excellent.  Jorge Garcia was particularly convincing in his role, which was refreshing.  However, nothing new was revealed and loose ends were not tied up.  I can only hope episode 1 acts has a platform for the rest of the season to launch itself from, revealing the deep secrets and mythology that have been created by this irritating yet captivating show.

Finally i will briefly touch on something that I will go into more detail on in the future.  People need to stop with this green rubbish, and equally healthy living.  If the government really gave a shit about the environment do you think, for example, they would let Royal Mail stop their mail train infrastructure in favour of transporting their cargo by road?  Do you think that the inextricable link between the inflated cost and so called healthy food is coincidence?  I’m tired of this middle class naive bullshit. 


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