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Last Call

by Fabian Perez


Noches De…..


  by Fabian Perez

Banal Bourgeois Bullshit – Part II (A Poem)

Juice made from concentrate,

Supersize my fries,

Don’t look in the mirror,

There are errors in their lies,

Answers need questions,

Questions need answers,

Life is no lemon,

I’m waiting for my prize.

:: BAD BEAT ::


$10 buy in – NL Hold’em tournament

The world is coming to an end

3 and a half hours on a train, and now i’m home.  I’ve been away for a few days.  This is what I have witnessed.

  1. Finger print scanners to leave a club to smoke and return without charge.
  2. 3 people being fined on the street for dropping cigarette butts.
  3. Several pregnant women reading pregnancy magazines.
  4. A Russian couple fascinated and bonded by a set of placemats with tourist attractions printed on them.

Let us now consider those points.

  1. Are you fucking kidding me?
  2. Are you fucking kidding me?
  3. These publications exist – are you fucking kidding me?
  4. A simple and pleasant act to observe.  Why can’t we all be like that?

I think it is better to stay indoors.  Society is becoming ridiculous and/or offensive.

Sunday Blogging

Since I began this blog, i’ve noticed a weekly decline in viewing each Sunday.  I am wondering, if people are taking the day of rest literally and not using the internet in the same way.  Or perhaps my blog is offending to the Sunday readership.  Have any of you other bloggers out there noticed the same thing?  Originally I anticipated Saturdays and Sundays would generate the highest stats, when in fact it is quite the opposite, with the early weekdays generating more viewers.  Other than that, I can only put it down to unusual coincidence.

The worlds best card trick (apparently)

Can you figure it out – watch carefully.  It’s all about the timing.



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