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The Moonwalking Muslim

Michael Jackson as we all know, is not one for staying out of the controversial limelight.  In his most recent endeavour he has reportedly converted to Islam.  50 year old Jackson will now be referred to as ‘Mikaeel’, a name associated with one of Allah’s angels.  Several reports have suggested that he pledged his allegiance to the Koran, though rejected the name ‘Mustafa’, ‘the chosen one’.

He has often been considered by the media as having the mentality of an impressionable young boy, so this act of ridiculousness will undoubtedly affirm those speculations.  Perhaps he was considered an ideal high profile target for conversion.  That being said, he may not be the most appropriate spokesperson for the Islamic cause.

Whether like me, you consider Michael Jackson to be one of the greatest living musical pioneers of our times or not, it must be said that his actions are often questionable, and this is just another in a long line that begs the question:  What the fuck?


50% off at La Tasca (UK) [Updated]

This offer entitles anyone to get 50% of their total food bill, valid for a minimum of two, and a maximum of eight people.  We all like free food, and La Tasca offers semi-authentic Spanish tapas, easily enjoyable by most.  The offer is valid until Jan 16. (Drinks not included)

All you need to do is click here, and print the voucher, then present it on arrival at the restaurant.

¡Buen provecho!

iPhone 2.2 Firmware released (+ iTunes update)


Earlier than some expected, Apple have released the latest update for iPhone and iPod touch users in iTunes (firmware 2.2).  This is said to include, amongst other things, enhancements to Google Maps (Street view), Podcast downloads through the App Store, updates to Safari and several other features/upgrades.

Coinciding with the the latter is an itunes update > 8.0.2.  Bug fixes, stability and performance have been addressed in this release.

2009 Sinatra Calendar

Available now for purchase, the 2009 Frank Sinatra calendar.  Each month features an image of Frank in the recording studio.  A nice addition to the home or office for all fans of The Chairman.  I’m sure I’ll receive two this Christmas.

For those in the UK, you can order by clicking here. 


René Magritte…

110 today.  If he was still alive.  A noteworthy mention to the Belgian, given his surrealist work is unique for me as it is the only of its kind that I appreciate.  He died in 1968.


If you are interested further, take a look at the largely inaccurate, yet sometimes informative Wikipedia entry by clicking here.


St Jude


St. Jude, apostle of the Word of God, pray for us.
St. Jude, follower of the Son of God, pray for us.
St. Jude, preacher of the love of God, pray for us.
St. Jude, intercessor before God, pray for us.
St. Jude, friend of all in need, pray for us.
St. Jude, pray for us, and for all who invoke your aid.


Last Call

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