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The Moonwalking Muslim

Michael Jackson as we all know, is not one for staying out of the controversial limelight.  In his most recent endeavour he has reportedly converted to Islam.  50 year old Jackson will now be referred to as ‘Mikaeel’, a name associated with one of Allah’s angels.  Several reports have suggested that he pledged his allegiance to the Koran, though rejected the name ‘Mustafa’, ‘the chosen one’.

He has often been considered by the media as having the mentality of an impressionable young boy, so this act of ridiculousness will undoubtedly affirm those speculations.  Perhaps he was considered an ideal high profile target for conversion.  That being said, he may not be the most appropriate spokesperson for the Islamic cause.

Whether like me, you consider Michael Jackson to be one of the greatest living musical pioneers of our times or not, it must be said that his actions are often questionable, and this is just another in a long line that begs the question:  What the fuck?

Merry Christmas – and more PC crap

I would like to offer all of those who celebrate Christmas sincerest wishes for the occasion.  Which brings me to my next point.  I have a friend who works in a hotel.  Apparently, company protocol is usually to offer employees a small gift-bag at Christmas with a selection of items inside.  However as of 2007 this practice has been abandoned for fear of offending those who do not celebrate Christmas because of their religion.  I for one believe that this is completely ridiculous.  Last time i checked The United Kingdom was a Christian country.  What will be next?  No father Christmas in department stores?

Enjoy the festivities!