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I recently acquired a copy of the out of print ‘Inside Las Vegas’ by Mario Puzo.  I started reading it in the hospital waiting room today, when I came across a paragraph that caught my attention and inspired me to write this entry.  It concerns lotteries.  Puzo states; “The people who can afford it least will gamble most.  The classic example is lotteries.  You can hardly call lotteries gambling.  It is really a drowning man clutching at a straw.  All those millions of people locked into jobs that will never make them even middle-class buy tickets as their one hope for salvation.  Their one chance to escape a life on unremitting labour.  That’s not gambling-that’s some sort of religious act.”

When i became of legal age to partake in The National Lottery, although I dabbled, i was largely of the opinion that lotteries were a means of covertly taxing the masses and avoided them unless the jackpot was of such magnitude that it seemed inhumane to resist.  Now I play every week.  Am i desperately seeking salvation by means of some quasi religious gambling act?  I don’t think so.  I would agree with the extract i’ve taken from Puzo, in that for many this is indeed the case.  However for me, and only accounting for myself, I can simply say it is a matter of self deception.  I have convinced myself that for a minimal £1, I have the potential to generate several million.  I think it is the greed in me that drives me to participate, as opposed to the desperation. Ultimately, I am not, and do not anticipate being at a point where I am seeking salvation, “clutching at straws”.   Thus, by consistently purchasing my lottery tickets each week, I am considering it a high risk, low cost investment, that is unlikely to ever pay off, but will not change my circumstances through succumbing to the urge to participate.

Therefore, I think it is fair to say that there possibly are two majorities who invest and gamble in lotteries, those who see them as some kind of last resort in an act of desperation.  And those like me, who just think, fuck it, it’s only a pound, and I might get a shit load of money, but probably not.


I Will Drink The Wine

Someone said, drink the water, but I will drink the wine.
Someone said, take a poor man, rich don’t have a dime.
So fool yourselves if you will, I just haven’t got the time.
If you can drink the water, I will drink the wine.
Someone gave me some small flowers, I held them in my hand.
I looked at them for several hours, I didn’t understand.
So fool yourselves if you will, you can hold out your hand,
I’ll give back your flowers, and I will take the land.
And I will drink the wine.
Sometimes I’m very very lonely, there’s only me to care.
And when I’m very very lonely, I want someone to share,
I’m going to drink the wine, I’m gonna take my time,
And believe in a world that is mine.
Someone gave me flowers, held them in my hand.
Looked at them for many hours, didn’t understand.
Go on and fool yourselves if you will, you can hold out your hand,
I’ll give back your flowers, and I will take the land.
And I will drink the wine, and I will take the land.
I will drink the wine.

New Theme For The Common Corner

Today, The Common Corner introduces a new theme.  If you think it’s good, or at least better, don’t say anything.  If you think it is shit, let it be known.

Banal Bourgeois Bullshit (A Poem)

Blueberrys and blackberrys,
Save your life,

Global warming,
Prophecy of strife,

Closed circuit television,
Safety, they’re mumbling,

Terrorism and law,
Liberty is crumbling,

Healthcare the great,
Saving our skin,

Big money bonuses,
Commoners can’t get in.

Classic Movie Score Tracks

From A Good Year – ‘Max-A-Million’ :: Click here to download

From The Godfather – ‘Main Theme’ :: Click here to download

From Man On Fire – ‘Una Palabra’ :: Click here to download

From Scarface – ‘Tony’s Theme’ :: Click here to download 

All of the above are zShare links.  Enjoy.

The Sopranos, a film?

As the end of season 6 came to a climax, rumours were rife that a Sopranos film may be in the works in sequel or prequel format.  However, this was quickly shot down by series creator David Chase.  Despite the latter, information has recently leaked to the press from the most unlikely of sources, the real lifeowner of the Bada Bing strip club in New Jersey.  He is quoted as saying he intends to delay renovation of his club in order to maintain continuity for a potential film.  Apparently the proprietor has received a ‘tip-off’.  HBO are denying the recent rumour, but they are renowned for playing games of smoke and mirrors. Watch this space.

Credit:  Associated Press 

Las Vegas cancelled :: Join the campaign


That’s right, the wonderful tv series that is ‘Las Vegas’ has been cancelled by NBC.  The final episode that aired featured several cliff hangers and a “to be continued” in the final moments.  What are NBC thinking?  Not only is this disrespectful to the viewers, but with so much bollocks television out there these days, why are they letting a program with real substance disband?  However, all is not lost, yet.  The folks at are running a campaign of unusual proportions aimed to create awareness and persuade NBC to revoke their decision.  So, if you give a shit, head on over to the afformentioned link and get up to speed.


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